Corporate Training Programs

Programming Languages

Programs Training Level Duration
Embedded C Programming & Data structure 2 4 Days
Program Logic Development 2 3 Days
Expert C Programming 3 2 Days
Modren C ++ 3 3 Days
SQL Using Oracle 2 5 Days
C Sharp / .NET / ASP.NET 2 4 Days
Python / Advance Python 2 4 Days
Programming in Java 2 5 Days

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Programs Training Level Duration
Building an IoT Solution – An Overview 2 2 Days
Data Collection & Aggregation in IoT 2 2 Days
Data Processing & Control in IoT 2 2 Days
Connectivity Stacks in IoT – Near Field Connectivity 2 2 Days
Connectivity Stacks in IoT – IP Broadband backbone 2 2 Days
Security Challenges in IoT – Device & Data Security 2 1 Days
Power Management Challenges in IoT 2 1 Days

Big Data, Analytics, Software

Programs Training Level Duration
Analytics for Beginner 2 2 Days
Data Science with R 2 3 Days
Hadoop 2 4 Days
Machine Learning 2 5 Days
Agile / Scrum Methodology 2 4 Days

Linux & Android

Programs Training Level Duration
Configuring, Cross Compiling and Build Linux image 2 1 Day
Linux Kernel Internals 2 4 Days
Linux Booting – Bootloaders, secure boot & Device tree 2 1 Day
Architecture Basics - A journey from Boot-up to Launcher 2 2 Days
Building ROM images and Debugging Tools 2 2 Days
HAL Architecture, Device interface to APP access 2 1 Day
Linux & Android Security and the SELinux adoption 3 1 Day

Automotive Segment Training

Programs Training Level Duration
Embedded Automotive C with MISRA C 2012 2 3 Days
AUTOSAR overview 2 2 Days
SDLC 2 3 Days
Digital and Analog Electronics for Control Systems 2 2 Days
PCB design Overview - using ORCAD 2 3 Days
Programmable Gate Arrays (CPLDs / PSOC) 2 2 Days

Telecom & Wireless

Programs Training Level Duration
Telecom Technology, DSL, ATM, SONET 2 3 Days
Data Comunications and Broadband 3 3 Days
IP/ Networking 2 3 Days
GSM , CDMA, 2G,3G,4G, LTE, WiMAx 2 3 Days
Wireless RF, Bluetooth, LAN PAN Bluetooth, NFC & Zigbee 3 3 Days


Programs Training Level Duration
Designing with VHDL / Verilog 2 3 Days
Advance VHDL / Verilog 3 3 Days
Essentials of FPGA 2 2 Days
Verification & Validation 3 3 Days

Operating System & MCU Programming

Programs Training Level Duration
RTOS Fundamentals - Open Source / VxWorks 2 4 Days
Open CV 3 5 Days
Embedded Linux Porting on ARM Cortex-A8/A9 3 3 Days
ARM Architecture and Programming 2 3 Days
Emb Communication Protocols - I2C, UART, SPI & CAN 2 4 Days
C Programming With ARM 2 3 Days

Modelling, Simulation & Digital Signal Processing

Programs Training Level Duration
Model Based Design using MATLAB & Simulink 2 2 Days
Basic DSP Concepts Using Matlab & TMS320C6000 2 3 Days
DSP design using TMS320C6713 and CCS 3 3 Days
Digital Image Processing using MATLAB 3 3 Days
Mathematical Modeling and GUI Design using MATLAB 2 2 Days
Logic Driven System Modeling Using Stateflow 2 1 Day
Autocode Generation 2 1 Day
Communication system design using Matlab & Simulink 2 5 Days

Soft Skills

Programs Training Level Duration
Team Building & Leadership Skills 2 3 Days
Stress Management 2 2 Days
Campus to Corporate Orientation 2 5 Days
Communication & Presenation skills 2 2 Days
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking 2 2 Days
Personality Development 2 2 Days


Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data Analytics
Hadoop and Machine Learning
Agile /Scrum
R Language
Matlab Autocode Generation

Cranes offers various open house technical trainings for the benefit of working professionals and the tech community in general. Typically these programs range between 2 to 5 days, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Participants can choose to enroll for the nearest off-the-shelf program or opt for upcoming programs as detailed in the calendar below.

The main advantages of these trainings are:

  • Fully hands on oriented
  • Optimum training duration
  • 30 days tech support post completion of training

Please email the program and schedule of your choice (or) reach out to us for any customisations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

** Service tax applicable on all trainings

Training Calendar for April 2018

Training Program Duration Start Date End Date Fees / Person
Python Programming 4 Days 16 April 2018 19 April 2018 Rs. 9000
Foundation Course – Linux OS, Shell Scripting 2 Days 23 April 2018 24 April 2018 Rs. 8000
Linux System Programming 4 Days 23 April 2018 24 April 2018 Rs. 10000
FPGA Architecture 1 Days 25 April 2018 28 April 2018 Rs. 8000

Training Calendar for May 2018

Training Program Duration Start Date End Date Fees / Person
Matlab & Simulink 3 Days 7 May 2018 9 May 2018 Rs. 8000
Embedded Linux Porting 2 Days 16 May 2018 17 May 2018 Rs. 8000
DSP Concepts 3 Days 21 May 2018 23 May 2018 Rs. 10000
C Sharp /.NET 2 Days 29 May 2018 30 May 2018 Rs. 6000

Training Calendar for June 2018

Training Program Duration Start Date End Date Fees / Person
Modern C++ 3 Days 4 June 2018 6 June 2018 Rs. 8000
RTOS – VxWorks 4 Days 11 June 2018 14 June 2018 Rs. 10000
IoT Overview 1 Day 19 June 2018 19 June 2018 Rs. 7000
AUTOSAR Overview 1 Day 20 June 2018 20 June 2018 Rs. 7000

What Corporate Training Programs / Courses you Offer?

Cranes Varsity offer different training programs related to Embedded, DSP, VLSI, IoT, Data Analytics, Matlab, Simulink, Programming languages, Automotive, Wireless and Telecom, Web Technology and Many more…

Do you offer Soft skill Programs?

Yes Cranes Varsity Offers Soft Skill training programs to Corporate.

What Corporate Programs on Matlab you offer?

Cranes Varsity Offers, Basic & Advanced Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow courses. We also offer Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with Matlab.

What are the Programming Language course you offer?

Cranes Varsity offers C, C++, C Sharp ( #) , .NET, ASP.NET, Modern C + + , SQL, Python, Java, Oracle etc.,

Do you offer Corporate Training programs for VLSI?

Cranes Varsity offers, Verilog, VHDL, FPGA, Verification & Validation programs in VLSI Domain.

DO you offer training programs on Python?

Cranes Varsity offers Basic and Advanced Python training programs to Corporate.

Do you offer Operating System Corporate Training Programs?

Cranes Varsity Offers training programs on Linux & Android.

Do you offer training programs in ARM?

Yes, Cranes Varsity Offers ARM Architecture, Embedded Communication Protocols, Embedded Linux porting on ARM Cortex.

Do you offer RTOS Programs?

Yes, Cranes Varsity Offer, FREE RTOS, BASIC Real Time Operating System, VxWorks Tornado Courses for Corporate.

What are the Course Timings?

7 - 8 hours per day. 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM is regular timing. This can be modified on request by company.

Is a course material included in your courses?

Yes, we provide course material for our entire corporate training programs. Either Hard copy OR Soft copy.

Can we do the training at our own premises?

Yes, Onsite training option is available for Corporate Training.

Is there a post-training support?

Yes Post Training support is available on request from company.

How many participants allowed in a batch of Corporate Training?

10 – 25 participants are allowed in a batch.

Do I get a course complete certificate on completion of Corporate Training?

Yes, we provide Cranes’ Corporate training certificate on completion within one week.

Can the courses be customized for our organization / team requirement?

Yes, all corporate courses can be tailored to address your organizational environment, experience level, and interest of participating students.

What are the rates?

Our prices are very competitive. Fees depend on course, no of participants and venue. We request you to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing details with your detailed enquiry.

Who are our trainers?

We have 20 + in house trainers and most of them are with 10 + years of training experience to various Corporate And they have rich industry experience too for effective Hands On Experience preferred during training.

Is there any Pre requisite to opt for your Corporate Training Programs?

Yes, every course has pre requisite of its own. We suggest you send your enquiry to us and we will send complete information to you. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What Programs you offer for Automotive Segment?

Cranes Varisty offers various Automotive related training courses like, AUTOSAR, MISRA C 2012, SDLC, PCB Designing, Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow etc.

Do you offer Internet Of Things ( IoT) Programs?

Yes, Cranes Varsity Delivers various IoT related programs with respect to Embedded, Data Security, Connectivity, Power Management, Data Processing, Telecom domains.

Is BIG DATA, ANALYTICS a part of your Corporate Training Programs?

Yes, Cranes Varsity Offers Data Analytics, R Programming, Hadoop, Machine Learning courses.

What programs you offer for Telecom & Wireless Domain?

Cranes Varsity offers, Programs related to DSL, ATM, SONET, IP/ Networking, GSM, CDMA, 2G,3G,4G,LTE,WiMax, Wireless RF, Bluetooth, LAN PAN , NFC, Zigbee etc.

What Corporate Programs you have for Linux and Android?

Cranes Varsity Offers, Linux System Programming, Device Drivers, Internals, Kernel Debugging, Android Architecture, Application Development, Android Security, SELinux Adoption and many more programs.