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Cranes Varsity offers 100% JOB Assured Training for Engineering and Diploma graduates in Embedded System Design, Internet of Things & Machine Learning, VLSI Design & Verification, Full Stack Java Development.

We offers Generic and Customized Technical and Soft-skills Corporate Training Programs to equip organization technical team with the latest technology and trends for Organization to stay up-to-date and compete in respective domain. Cranes Varsity is one of the best & Leading Corporate Training Institute in India, Providing Classroom & Instructor - led online learning solutions.

Cranes Varsity offers on-site or in-house customized technical training / workshops tailored for the needs of the academic community & research institutes. We offer programs which are ideally suited for the needs of both the student community and faculty.

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I have finished the online classes for Python basics. Overall for me it was a very good experience. As it was not a hardware(board) based module, the online training via zoom cloud meeting was well structured. It’s my personal opinion that the online course is definitely more effective compared to offline for programming-based modules. So overall the online mode of course was good. Considering the problem of Covid-19 the management has done really a commendable job in providing an alternative solution. So I would like to thank you all for making sure our course plan was not delayed.

Vishal Bhandary

Vishal Bhandary

I enrolled by March 30, 2020, for the online classes for embedded training. Having started with C basics, the virtual classes conducted by the trainer’s are interactive. Easy to discuss with a prompt reply to any doubts on programming. As for improving my skills, I look forward to getting better with the training offered to the best of my abilities. I like the MCQs offered by the trainers, their ways of efficiently handling sessions, and answering my doubts although it might be silly. It is very helpful in understand and analysing my knowledge on the Module. I want to improve my skill in writing programming languages.

Lydia Kiruba.R

Lydia Kiruba.R

I would like to extend my thanks for conducting the online training. It was actually a new experience and the presentations were good. Even when the situational circumstances became an obstacle to classroom sessions and the whole planned schedule had to be restructured, classes were conducted in the best possible manner, which is appreciated

Alan Babu

Alan Babu

I would like to thank you for conducting online classes.Trainers are very good; they are making subject easier for us. Cranes institute has done a wonderful job. I look forward to attend online classes.




I am praveen pechimuthu from karpagam college of Engineering Coimbatore. My friend referred me to cranes varsity. I learnt programming skills, python, IoT security, edge node etc. cranes varsity is one of the best training institute to learn embedded system & IoT skills.I am thankful to cranes varsity. I got placed in Cyient Limited, Bangalore.

praveen pechimuthu

praveen pechimuthu
Placed in Cyient Limited
March 2020

I am Sahana P Bhat from Global Academy of Technology passed out in 2018. My college senior referred me to cranes. I learnt programming skills, system programming, Rtos etc. I found cranes varsity is one of the best training institute for fresher. Even the trainers are also helpful. Their way of teaching is very good. I got placed in CYIENT LIMITED as a "Avionics engineer"

Sahana P Bhat

Sahana P Bhat
March 2020

I'm G.K.Lakshmi Divya from PBR Visvodaya Institute of Technology & Science, passed out in 2019. After my graduation my brother referred me to join PG Diploma in Embedded Systems in Cranes Varsity. I learnt C, DS, ARM, CAN, RTOS, LINUX modules etc. The training helped me to gain good theoretical as well as practical knowledge on Embedded System. I thank CRANES VARSITY for supporting me. I got placed in CYIENT LIMITED.


March 2020

I am thank full to Cranes Varsity, Trainers and Placement team that i got placed in "Dexcel Electronics Design" as they promised to give placement. Even my career percentage in 10th is 42% ,I had a disbelieve that percentage matters a lot to get interview opportunities , Even though I received few interviews , and out of few I cracked and got offered. I am feeling grateful that I learned so many things in practical as well as theory. This is one of the best institute to make career in Embedded domain.

Gorachand Arukh

Gorachand Arukh
Placed in Dexcel Electronics
February 2020

Hi, I'm Tejas & I was looking for a career change. I happened to find this institute (as referred by my friend) who also had started her career from this institute for embedded design course. Here, I was provided with various kind opportunities in terms of domains and the trainers and facilities were very good which helped me get motivated. I'm thankful to the placement team for helping me getting placed in Alif Semiconductors. Thank You Cranes Varsity!!!!

Tejas vasista

Tejas vasista
Placed in Alif Semiconductors
January 2020

I am Naveen Kumar N from Vemana Institute of technology, 2019 passed out . I heard about Cranes Varsity from my friend. I learnt C, C++, EMBEDDED C, LINUX etc...It is one of the best Institute in Bangalore for learning Embedded System Development and Design . The trainers here helped me in improving programming skills in C and Embedded C. I am grateful to Cranes Varsity and the Placement Cell as I got placed in Great Wall Motors.

Naveen Kumar N

Naveen Kumar N
Placed in Great Wall Motors
May 2020

I am sahana N , ECE graduate from VKIT, I know about cranes varsity from my friend. It is the best place to learn programming and embedded system design & development. Trainers are very co-operative with students. I am very thankful to cranes varsity. I got placed in Alpha Design Technologies

Sahana N

Sahana N
Placed in Alpha Design Technologies
March 2020

I am kowshik s m from Rajeev institute of technology. My friend referred me to join cranes varsity, cranes varsity is one of the best training institutes in embedded related subjects, I learnt programming languages like c, c++, embedded-c. Trainers are very helpful thanks to cranes varsity, I got placed in Trident Infosol.


Placed in Trident Infosol
March 2020

I'am kamlesha s from east west institute of technology Bangalore ,initially i was weak in programming languages,after joining to cranes i learnt the language in good manner,trainers are very helpful, now i have a good knowledge of c language and embedded systems, they helped me to enter into the industry,cranes provides me good opportunities and i got selected in "DEXCEL ELECTRONICS" I would like to thank cranes

Kamlesha S

Kamlesha S
February 2020

My name is K. Sai Susmitha, I studied in Naryana Engineering College, Nellore. I was suggested by my sister to take a course in cranes varsity. I got selected in Continental Automotive before completing course, and got good knowledge in C basics, Embedded c, protocols like UART, I2C, SPI. I thank each and every one in cranes varsity 1

Sai Susmitha

Sai Susmitha
Placed in Continental Automotive
January 2020

I am Kaushik K H from M V Jayaram College Of Engineering 2019 passed out Cranes varsity and got placed in Chinese Leader in EV, Great Wall Motors. Cranes Varsity is one of the best Institutes in India for learning embedded system and IOT. I am happy to have been a Cranes Student and am taking this opportunity to thank all my trainers and especially the placement team for giving me the chances…

Kaushik K H

Kaushik K H
Placed in Great Wall Motors
May 2020

I am Chaitra M Jettappanavar,completed my BE in STJIT Ranebennur. I was planning to work in core company and I heard Cranes Varsity is one of the best training Embedded institute in Bangalore from my senior who undertook training. I completed modules like C, C++, Embedded C, LINUX, MATLAB and Networking. I got placed in Data Template. I thank Cranes Varsity team for giving me an opportunity.

Chaitra M Jettappanavar

Chaitra M Jettappanavar
Placed in Data Template
March 2020

I'm Puneeth U E from BGS institute of technology, My friend referred me to cranes varsity, I learned programming skills and embedded system development and design skills, i'm very thankful to cranes varsity and i got placed in Trident Infosol

Puneeth U E

Puneeth U E
Placed in Trident Infosol
March 2020

I am shivani from vivekananda institute of technology , I know about cranes varsity through my fathers friend. cranes varsity is one of the best training institute who ever want to learn embedded systems development skills. It is the best place to learn programming skills and technologies. I am very thankful to cranes varsity and trainers. I got placed in Alpha Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Placed in Alpha Design Technologies
March 2020

I pursued my engineering at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore (2019). I would like to thank Cranes Varsity for providing ample opportunities. The basics of C programming and Embedded C were made easy to understand and also enough to have confidence during the interviews. Hands-on experience regarding the programming languages as well as the ARM development board were very helpful. I am currently placed at Continental Automotive Components, Bangalore.

Pranav M

Pranav M
Placed in Continental Automotive
January 2020

Eligibility: BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech, MCA, BCA, MSc, BSc
Duration: 4 Months

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Diploma in Full Stack Java development is a 4 months job oriented professional course, providing strong knowledge & proper understanding on Java Technology.

We, at Cranes, provide training in all the relevant disciplines to enable the engineers to develop Java based application that meets industry standards.

At Cranes, we provide the students with an organized framework to enhance their technical skills & knowledge curve. The sessions are well planned and delivered with examples to make the lectures more interesting and understandable. Our aim is to create more robust knowledge representations in the students’ minds.

Diploma in Full Stack Java development modules:

Full Stack Java development training course syllabus structured in-terms of modules to help students for better understanding of the subject. Which are listed below.

Part I - Front - End

  • Introduction to Web, Basics of web
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Java Script

Part II - Back - End

  • Relational Datbase : SQL
  • Java: Core Java, Advanced Feature of Java 8/9
  • JDBC
  • JEE(J2EE): Sevlet + JDBC, JSP + JDBC, Maven
  • Java Frameworks: Hibernate, Spring
  • AWS
  • Project

Placement Support:

Guaranteed Placement is available at cranes campus for those who complete the Java training successfully.

Part I - Front - End

Web Technology - 10 Days

  • Introduction to Web, Basics of web
  • Introduction to HTTP
  • Client & Server
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Building blocks of HTML
  • HTML tags
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Form Validation
  • introduction to CSS 3
  • CSS selectors
  • CSS Types
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Alerts, Console
  • Data Types
  • Objects, String, Arrays
  • Functions
  • DOM parsing,Validation, RegEx

Part II - Back - End

Relational Database : SQL - 7 Days

  • Course overview, Introduction to databases and RDBMS, Significance and advantages
  • What is SQL, types of SQLs. Database creation, concept of relation and working examples
  • Creating tables. Design view of the table, Alter tableoperations & Key Constraints and working examples
  • Read, update and delete operations on tables. Working with nulls and working examples
  • Querying tables: Select statement, examples and its variations
  • Filtering, Sorting, Predicates and working examples
  • Joins in SQL and working examples
  • Insert, Update, Delete operations and working examples
  • Scalar functions in SQL and working examples
  • SQL set based operations and data aggregation and working examples Sub-queries in SQL and working examples
  • Normalization and de-normalization: Introduction ,Views and Temporary tables and working examples Transactions in SQL and working examples
  • SQL programming Creating stored procedures, execution and working examples , Cursors in SQL and working examples

Java S E - 20 Days

  • Introduction
  • Basic Programming Constructs Methods
  • Methods
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Exceptions Handling
  • JDK 8 features
  • Collection Framework
  • List,Queue,Set,Iterator,List Iterator
  • Map
  • Threads
  • File Handling

JDBC - 5 Days

  • Description about JDBC
  • Description about Driver and its types
  • Text Manipulation Commands - Head, tail, cut, paste, sort, diff, comm
  • Types of statements a. Statement, b. Prepared statement c . Callable statement
  • Description about ResultSet
  • Loops: while, for
  • Batch processing
  • JDBC transaction
  • Process Management related system calls

JEE(J2EE) - 20 Days

  • Introduction to web, Introduction to server, Understanding of HTTP
  • Introduction to tomcat and tomcat setup
  • Understanding of Deployment descriptor stub
  • JEE Container, Introduction to servlets
  • Servlets Types, Servlets Hierarchy
  • Servlet Lifecycle, Servlet java configuration
  • Servlet Config& Context
  • Understanding Servlet Request and Response
  • Understanding of Filters, Servlet+JDBC
  • JSP Lifecycle, JSP Elements, Expression language
  • JSTL, Cookies
  • Session & session management
  • Introduction of Maven Repository
  • POM.xml
  • Maven Example
  • Maven Web App
  • Maven Plugin
  • ANT Vs Maven

Java Frameworks - 15 Days

  • Introduction to hibernate
  • Understanding DTO & DAO
  • Components of hibernate
  • Object relational mapping
  • Java Persistence API
  • Hibernate Query Language
  • Singleton Design Pattern
  • Integration with web
  • Problems of ORM
  • Criterion API
  • Connection pooling
  • Hibernate cache levels
  • Introduction to spring framework
  • Spring Architecture
  • Understanding of Spring Container
  • Spring Bean life cycle
  • Scopes of Spring Bean
  • Spring Java Configurations
  • Inversion Of Control
  • Dependency Injection
  • Spring ORM (Integration with Hibernate)
  • Spring Web
  • Spring MVC Architecture
  • Spring Expression Language,Spring AOP

AWS - 2 Days

  • Introduction of elasticbeanstalk
  • RDS
  • Configuration of RDS with Application
  • Upload source code to cloud
  • Deploy application
  • Get Ip address for web application


  • Maven
  • Eclipse
  • NetBeans with JDK 1.9

Real Time Projects

  • Java+JDBC=>Window Application(Real time Project)
  • J2EE + JDBC + Maven= Web Application(Real time Project)
  • J2EE + Spring + JDBC + Frame Works = Web Application(Real time Project)

Java Project Synopsis

  • Java+JDBC=>Window Application(Real time Project)
  • J2EE + JDBC + Maven= Web Application(Real time Project)
  • J2EE + Spring + JDBC + Frame Works = Web Application(Real time Project)

Hiring Partners

  • HCL Technologies
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Automotive Robotics
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Mahindra Electric
  • Continental
  • Quest Global
  • Verifone
  • Autoliv
  • Harman
  • Alpha Design Technologies
  • GE Healthcare
  • Graphene Semiconductor
  • Honeywell
  • Robert Bosch
  • Park Controls & Communication
  • Safran Engineering Services
  • Sasken Communication
  • Tata Elxsi
  • Dexcel Electronics
  • American Megatrends India
  • Maxvega Networks
  • L & T Technology
  • Easun Reyrolle
  • Microsemi India
  • Vinfinet
  • Brigosha Technologies
  • Sharp Software
  • Renault Nissan Technology

Embedded Systems Design Training Calendar

Program Name Start Date Duration
ITAP- Post Graduate Diploma in Embedded System Design & Development Jun - 17th 5 months