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Automotive Online Course


Get Automotive Online Course training with Cranes.

The Diploma in Automotive Systems is a three-month professional program that expands knowledge and comprehension of automotive systems.
Cranes provide training in all essential disciplines so that engineers can design and develop industry-standard automotive systems-based applications. We now have a broader range of hardware and software platforms, as well as programming languages, to choose from.

Students will have a deep understanding of Automotiveprinciples and applications in the Automotive Course. The learners will be able to develop, implement, integrate, and construct software and hardware applications for the advanced Automotive after finishing the Automotive Online Course. The curriculum for the Automotive Online Course is well-structured and matched with current industry standards and requirements.

Start your Career with Automotive Online Course

Cranes Varsity provides students with a structured framework to aid in the development of technical skills and understanding. The lectures are well-thought-out and conducted, with examples incorporated to make them more entertaining and understandable. We want to help pupils acquire a far larger range of mental representations of knowledge.

The syllabus for the Automotive Course is organized into modules to aid students to gain a better understanding of the subject.

Automotive Course Modules

Automotive Specialization
  • ARM 7 & Cortex M3 programming using Embedded C
  • Embedded Protocols – UART, SPI, I2C
  • Autosar Design Flow using CAN Protocol
  • Model Based Design using Matlab & Simulink

C, DS, C++

Project Stream
  • Application development based on Data Structure
  • (Eg: Flood fund releasing data, cyber management systems, Bank management system, contact management system)
  • Concurrent server to replicate a chat application using socket programming.
  • Embedded Project development using wired/wireless technology such as GPS, GSM, BLE, Wi-Fi, and sensors
  • Project Based on CAN or Lin Protocol
  • Parallel port Driver.
  • Ubuntu(Linux OS, with GCC compiler)
  • LPC2129, Keil Micro vision

Placement Statistics

Automotive Online Course FAQs

Yes…. You can learn complete  Automotive Course online.

Yes, Cranes Varsity Provides Placement Assistance with Automotive Course Completion Certificate which is accepted globally.

The scope of the Automotive Systems is so high that engineering students from various branches get trained every year essentially. 

  • Auto engineers research, develop and design the technical systems in vehicles. 
  • They work with the development and design team to utilize sophisticated technology in a safe and user-friendly way in the vehicle’s navigation, warning, control, and fuel systems. 
  • Various automotive systems in the 
  • Engine Control System
  • Transmission Control System
  • Body Alignment
  • Speed Monitoring and Alignment
  • ABS
  • Airbags
  • Seat Belts
  • Door Control
  • Seat Adjustment
  • Wiper Control System



Duration: 3 months
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