Diploma in Embedded System

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Embedded Systems Course


Cranes provides Embedded Systems Course Online training in all essential disciplines so that engineers can design and develop industry-standard embedded system-based applications. We now have a broader range of hardware and software platforms, as well as programming languages, to choose from.

The Diploma in Embedded Systems is a five-month professional program that expands knowledge and comprehension of embedded systems.

Training in Embedded Systems is an essential skill for engineers and technicians, as well as for professionals in other fields who have to work with embedded systems. By attending a course on embedded systems, professionals can learn about the basic principles of embedded systems and gain enough understanding to create their own devices and learn how to troubleshoot problems that arise.

A comprehensive understanding of embedded systems principles and applications is derived through the Embedded Systems Course Online. Students will be able to develop, implement, integrate, and construct software and hardware applications for advanced embedded systems after finishing the embedded systems course. The Embedded Systems course is well-structured to meet the current industry standards and needs.

Get Ahead of the Curve with the Embedded Systems Course

Industry experts mentor the students with a well-structured framework for improving their technical skills and learning curve. The lectures are well-planned and delivered, with examples supplied to make them more engaging and accessible. Cranes Varsity sets its vision on educating Students/Working Professionals with a perfect blend of hybrid (Online/ Classroom) modeled pedagogical training to upskill a learner to the level of skilled professionals.

The Embedded system design training course syllabus is designed in terms of modules to help students for a better understanding of the subject. Embedded Systems design training and hands-on project experience prepare students to grow as skilled Embedded Engineers in the industry. Embedded, Matlab, Python, and more projects are available. Check the syllabus of the curriculum for more details on Modules and Projects.

Course Modules

  • Fundamentals of Electronics and Embedded Systems
  • Programming in C following MISRA C
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Oops with C++
  • Linux System Programming and Socket Programming
Embedded Specialization
  • ARM 7 & Cortex M3 programming using Embedded C
  • Programming using ARM Cortex M3 based MCU STM32F4xxx
  • RTOS –Hands-on using Free RTOS of Amazon
  • Linux Device Drivers and Porting on Beagle Bone Black
Project Stream
  • Application development based on Data Structure
  • (Eg: Flood fund releasing data, cyber management systems, Bank management system, contact management system)
  • Concurrent server to replicate a chat application using socket programming.
  • Embedded Project development using wired/wireless technology such as GPS, GSM, BLE, Wi-Fi, and sensors
  • Project Based on CAN or Lin Protocol
  • Parallel port Driver.
  • Ubuntu(Linux OS, with GCC compiler)
  • LPC2129, Keil Micro vision,
  • Cube IDE for STM32F446

Placement Statistics


Aspirants will get trained in various programming skills, Such as C, Embedded C, Processors, and Microcontrollers According to industry standards.

Part I – Core concepts of Embedded Systems

  • Fundamentals of Electronics and Embedded System
  • Basic C Programming, 
  • Advanced C Programming
  • Data Structures & C++
  • Linux and Device Drivers

Part II – Embedded Specialization

  • Embedded System Design using  ARM and ARM Cortex
    • Using NXP Based LPC2129 MCU, and 
    • Cortex Based  STM32F44xx from ST Electronics
  •  GPIO, TIMERS, VIC Interrupt Handling,
  • Embedded Protocols – UART, I2C, SPI, Architecture
  • Automotive Design using CAN and LIN Protocol 
  • Real Time OS (Free-RTOS)
  • Model-Based Design using MATLAB 
    • (Simulink, Stateflow & Embedded Coder)

  • Good Programming skills required in C Programming and Embedded C
  • Good knowledge of microcontrollers and Processors
  • Good knowledge of Peripherals


Embedded systems are a cornerstone of the electronics industry today. Embedded systems are used in almost all the areas like consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial automation, automotive & aerospace, medical equipment, and commercial and military applications.

It depends on where you want to see yourself in your career. There are good career opportunities for engineering graduates who complete Embedded Systems Training 200+ companies are looking for Embedded System Developers. Check out our Placement Statistics page for a complete list of the recruiters.



Duration: 3 months
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