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Eligibility: B.E,B.Tech,M.E,M.Tech.



Software Developer Course


Software and applications have become increasingly important in the digital age. Numerous software suites that play non-negotiable roles in streamlining internal processes enable organizations to carry out their day-to-day tasks. IT specialists who can communicate instructions while preserving desired standards for the instructions to be carried out to systems for execution can improve this efficiency and effectiveness even more. Programming certification courses in this industry are in high demand from individuals and corporations all around the world.

Cranes Varsity-an EdTech company like us help in preparing Working Professionals for developing code that can process large amounts of data in parallel on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Professionals will learn how to implement software that can solve complex problems.

Skills You’ll Learn in Software Developer Course

Software Programming Engineer abilities are the specialized capacities an individual figures out how to make fruitful projects and applications. They regularly include involving numerical information and a limit with respect to critical thinking to compose source code, which is the succession of words and images that permits a program to work. There are many sorts of abilities to master, including advanced instruments and PC frameworks. Numerous product designers learn them through classes in a software engineering certification program.

The must-need software Developer’s skills are Coding, JavaScript, HTML, Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS), Python, C++, and Java. The advantages of learning these programming languages are programmers will have greater exposure to projects, use of different programming languages, and different applications.

During their journey at Cranes Varsity, the professionals will become proficient with programming languages. The professionals will gain the ability to learn new concepts like Fundamentals of Electronics and Embedded, Programming in C, Data structures, Oops with C++, Linux programming, and socket programming and will be able to apply them to problems. However, the prerequisite for this is a strong understanding of math -algebra, and arithmetic beyond the basic level. This doesn’t mean that they don’t require Soft skills. Soft skills like communication skills and writing skills are equally important as they need to interact with other programmers largely while w working on large or complex projects. Here is again Cranes Varsity support learners in providing Soft skills training which is a part of Technical training through live instructor-led sessions.

Cranes Varsity offers internship-based software programming courses for engineering students known as a professional diploma in software programming, this course teaches C programming, C ++, Android, Python programming, and Java.

Why Cranes Varsity?

At Cranes Varsity,  We provide relevant and innovative programs. We hold a legacy of 24 years of Embedded expertise. Our professional, career-focused program curriculum is designed and developed by industry experts. Our Learning Approach model is EEE – Educate, Evolve, Employment.

All our training is fully hands-on with the latest industry tools. Cranes varsity educate working professionals with a perfect blend of hybrid modelled pedagogical training to upskill a learner to the level of skilled professionals and constant support professionals striving for placements with our additional training program on Soft skills and Interview readiness program.

We assist working professionals in getting placed through our Pre-placement process which includes brush-up classes, resume building, mock interviews, etc.


  • Fundamentals of Electronics and Embedded Systems
  • Programming in C following MISRA C
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Oops with C++
  • Linux System Programming  and Socket Programming

Project Stream

  • Application development based on Data Structure (Eg: Flood fund releasing data, cyber management systems, Bank management system, contact management system)
  • Concurrent server to replicate a chat application using socket programming.


  • Ubuntu (Linux OS, with GCC compiler)

Software Developer Course Modules


  •  Introduction to C
  • Control Flow
  • Storage classes
  • Data types
  • Modular Programming
  • Arrays & Strings-Character Arrays
  • Operators
  • Preprocessor

  • Advanced C Programming: Pointers
  • Recursion
  • Linked list introduction
  • BST and Expressions
  • Advanced Pointers: NULL pointer
  • Pointer to a constant, constant pointer
  • Introduction Data structures
  • Linked List
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Stack and Queues
  • Trees Introduction

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Generic Programming
  • Exception handling
  • The procedural approach in C++
  • Copy Constructors
  • Generalization
  • C++14Library Features
  • The object-oriented approach in C++
  • Friends and operators overloading
  • Runtime polymorphism

  • Introduction to the operating system
  • Memory management systems
  • Linux file management system
  • Pipes
  • Semaphores
  • Computer networking
  • IP internet addressing
  • Process management subsystems
  • Shell
  • Linux process management system
  • Message queues
  • Threads
  • Network models
  • Client-server paradigm
  • File management subsystems
  • Introduction to Linux-os
  • Signals
  • Shared memory
  • Mutex
  • Transmission media
  • Socket programming

Placement Statistics

Software Developer Course FAQs

  • An engineer with a specialization in Computer Science/IT
  • Good Analytical Skills and Problem-solving skills
  • Enthusiasts to build their career in programming

Candidate completed 12th grade and pursuing any degree can learn programming language but one should have problem-solving skills, mathematical knowledge, and real interest.

Any Engineer aspiring to become a software programmer, Software developers can take up coding and programming.



Duration: 3 months
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