Design and Verification Using Verilog

Eligibility: BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech



Verilog Course


Verilog Certification Course is designed to teach you how to write and debug your own code in a matter of weeks. In our course, we’ll walk you through the basics of designing your own circuits, debugging them, and making sure that they’re safe for use.

Why learn Verilog?

Verilog is a popular programming language that allows you to write complex programs that can be used to simulate a circuit before it’s built. This is called “synthesizing” the design. It’s much quicker than building the physical prototype and allows you to identify errors or flaws in your design before spending time and money on creating it.

Learning the Verilog hardware description language is beneficial because you’ll see how Verilog employs natural learning mechanisms to make learning HDL languages simpler. Learning Verilog often begins with simple examples, followed by lessons on grammar and syntax, more challenging examples, then test bench simulations to ensure the design is accurate. Electrical designers may more easily depict the complexity of digital circuits using Verilog. Working with electrical circuits will likely teach you how schematic diagrams may be used to depict related diagrams as a whole. A common textual language is used to succinctly describe the distinguishing characteristics of digital design as a circuit’s complexity rises.

Digital design engineering, digital verification, FPGA design, and other design positions in the semiconductor sector are among the professions that employ Verilog. Knowing Verilog may make it easier for you to land a job on an FPGA design team that creates and updates digital FPGA designs for networking hardware. Additionally, you could learn new information about engineering design subjects including packet processing, switch fabric, overhead processing, and forward error correction methods, which might have an impact on your career.

Cranes Varsity offers an online course that will teach you everything you need to know about the VLSI Online Course with Certificate. You’ll learn about CMOS processes, static RAMs and dynamic RAMs, flip-flops, registers, and more. And when the course is over, we’ll give you a certificate of completion so that everyone knows just how much knowledge you’ve gained!

Verilog Course Outline:

  • Verilog Language constructs & Data types
  • Compiler Directives
  • Verilog Program structure
  • Gate level modelling
  • Data flow modelling
  • Behavioural Modelling
  • Test bench
  • Functions & Task and system tasks
  • File-based system tasks and random generator system task
  • Read a file and write it into the memory system task
  • Programming Language Interface

  • Introduction of combinational circuits
  • Design Procedure
  • Half Adder
  • Full Adder
  • Full Subtractor
  • Decoder
  • Encoder
  • MUX Etc.
  • Introduction of sequential circuits
  • Design Procedure
  • Flip-flops
  • Shift Registers
  • Counters Etc.

  • FSM (Finite State Machine) & Hardware modelling of FSM, Verilog code
  • Sequence detector using FSM with complete Design & TB
  • Memory controller
  • Memory controller with Design & TB
  • FIFO
  • FIFO complete design & TB
  • FPGA
  • Projects

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Verilog Course FAQs

Yes. With the help of simulators, you can learn VLSI with equal effectiveness. You will get practical exposure. You will learn about the latest design techniques and how to use the latest software tools. Plus, you will have the opportunity to work on a real project.

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Duration: 1.5 months

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