Training Products


CSIL has a wide range of products that support various segments of both industry and training requirements. Range of development kits includes ARM7 series, ARM9 series, Cortex, PIC controllers and AVR Controllers.

We provide a complete one end solution including Hardware Development Board, C-cross Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Simulator/Debugger, GUI user interface, IDE (integrated development environment), JTAG interface, necessary accessories including interface modules and real-time examples ideal for projects as well as laboratory exercises.

Extensive training is imparted at CSIL to enable development of Embedded / Real-Time system solutions and a complete end to end IOT solution. Our end goal is producing industry ready, extremely skilled and highly employable work force. Our carry-home product kits help in the continuous growth of knowledge and technical skills and lead to a much faster realization of the end goal.

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