Certification Courses

Duration: 1 to 1.5 Months


Professional Certification training in Linux, Python, Modern C++, Image processing & Machine Learning using Matlab, DSP using Matlab & Simulink, Embedded 'C' & ARM Protocols, Cloud Computing & AWS Solution, IoT using Raspberry Pi, Design & Verification with Verilog, Web Development using Angular JS.

At Cranes, we provide the students with an organized framework to enhance their technical skills & knowledge curve. The sessions are well planned and delivered with examples to make the lectures more interesting and understandable. Our aim is to create more robust knowledge representations in the students' minds.

Certification Courses:

  • Modern C++
  • Linux System Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Design & Verication with Verilog
  • Embedded ‘C’ & Protocols on Arm
  • Linux Device Driver
  • Image Processing & ML using Matlab
  • DSP using Matlab & Simulink
  • IoT using Raspberry pie (with board)
  • Web development using Angular js
  • Image Processing & ML using Matlab
  • Cloud Computing & AWS Solution