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Programs for Working Professionals

Cranes Varsity provides high-quality education & professional development for working professionals in IT industry. The programs are offered in the areas of Embedded & DSP System development. These programs reflect the market trends, best practices and current industry tools (Hardware and Software). The courses are delivered by a pool of dedicated in-house “Technical Team”; A rich and diverse team with over 2500 man years of expertise in Research & Development, System Design & Validation, Project Development, Optimization, Debugging & Testing.


  • Professional Trainers
  • Courses conducted on working days, Monday to Friday
  • No Classes on general holidays
  • Professional certificate on completion

Weekend Embedded Systems Design Courses in Bangalore, Evening Embedded Systems Design Courses in Bangalore

Embedded Systems Design - 4 Months

  • Basic Electronics & Embedded Concepts
  • Programming in C and Data structures
  • ARM7 & Cortex M
  • Automotive - AUTOSAR & CAN Protocols
  • Linux System Programming
  • IPC’s and Device Drivers
  • Model Based Design - MATLAB & Simulink
  • FreeRTOS

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Linux Device Drivers Training in bangalore, Embedded Linux Training in bangalore

Embedded Linux & Device Drivers - 3.5 Months

  • Programming in C
  • Advance C & Data Structure
  • GPOS & Shell Scripting
  • System Programming using LINUX
  • Linux Device Driver
  • Embedded Linux

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DSP Training Institute in Bangalore, Training in Digital Signal Processing, DSP Course

Digital Signal Processing Course - 4 Months

  • C Basics
  • DSP Concepts
  • DSP Processors

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FreeRTOS / VxWorks

  • In-depth knowledge of embedded software and programming.
  • Multithreaded program¬ming and the use of real-time operating system (RTOS) features
  • Design, develop, debug, build, and test real-time applications with VxWorks.
  • Manage memory, inter-task communications, and exceptions effectively.


  • Designed to keep up with industry requirement for embedded engineers and deals in detail with the working knowledge of ARM architecture.
  • A well balanced theory and practical , helps in gaining confidence to work on any embedded target
  • Hands on using Cranes ARM7TMDi Board.
  • Can work on projects having ARM as target platform.
  • Can adopt to any target platform with minimal learning curve.

DSP Architecture, C Programming and Optimization on C6000

  • Designed to provide strong foundation in Embedded DSP Programming using C Language.
  • Have strong fundamentals in C6000 architecture, programming and software optimization techniques
  • Gain exposure to industry standard C6000 DSP Chip and Code Composer Studio IDE.
  • Programming C6000 DSPs on Code Composer Studio and Hands-on in Real-Time using state-of-the-art OMAP L138 Hardware Platform.
  • Project based learning.
  • Strong Processor & target platform foundation for the working embedded professional.

DSP Concepts

  • In depth understanding of the basic DSP concepts, algorithms, and, design methods.
  • Write MATLAB code to design, simulate, and visualize DSP concepts and algorithms.


  • Get familiar with MATLAB environment.
  • Write MATLAB code to design, simulate, and visualize DSP concepts and algorithms.
  • Code using MATLAB’s own data structures, programming constructs, and, performance increase techniques.
  • Debug, profile MATLAB code. Generate code check reports.
  • Visualize data using 2D and 3D plotting functions.
  • Create simple GUIs.
  • Get familiar with SIMULINK environment.
  • Build an efficient SIMULINK model using the blocks available in the built-in library.
  • Implement trigonometric equations.
  • Build subsystems.
  • Build own blocks using S-Functions.
  • Create own libraries.

Embedded LINUX

  • Overview for Linux Device Driver architecture.
  • In – depth knowledge of Linux Character Drivers , interrupt handling, memory management, Kernel timers and I/O port handling.
  • Overview of Linux Kernel Internals.
  • Porting Linux operating system on ARM architectures.
  • GPIO programming in Linux .
  • Step by step procedure on Cross compilation of Device drivers for target platforms.
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