Professional Diploma in Digital Signal Processing

Eligibility: BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech, BSc, MSc - ECE, EEE, Inst
Duration: 4 Months

Contact for Training


  • C Basics
  • DSP Concepts
  • DSP Processors

Optional Modules

  • DSP Speech and Audio Processing
  • DSP Image Processing
  • DSP Video Processing

C Basics - 12 days

  • Introduction to C
  • Decision control statements
  • Preprocessor
  • Modular programming using functions
  • Arrays; Strings
  • Pointers


  • Introduction: MATrix LABoratory
  • MATLAB Programming Environment
  • Manipulating Matrices in MATLAB
  • Graphics in MATLAB Environment
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Optimization and Profiling
  • Import and Export Data
  • GUIDE using MATLAB
  • Subsystems Masking in Simulink
  • Block diagrams & Model building in Simulink
  • Introduction: Simulink based System Development
  • Creating User defined Blocks and Libraries
  • S-Function concepts
  • Incorporating external C code
  • Interfacing SIMULINK with GUIDE
  • Automating Simulation tasks

DSP Concepts - 8 days

  • Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
  • Signals and Systems
  • Z-Transforms
  • Fourier Transforms
  • IIR digital filter design
  • DFT, Windows, and, Spectral analysis
  • Introduction to Digital Filter Design (Dfilt, Mfilt, Adaptfilt objects)
  • Signal Acquisition, Sampling Theorem & Its Digital effects
  • FIR digital filter design
  • Adaptive filters
  • Stream Processing of Audio Signals
  • Multirate Processing
  • Analysis using DSP System toolbox
  • Analysis using Signal Processing Toolbox

DSP Processors - 8 days

  • Introduction to Code Composer Studio IDE
  • Embedded C Programming in CCS
  • Introduction to DSP TMS320C6000 Architecture
  • Assembly Programming
  • Code Optimization in TMS320C6000
  • Memory management
  • Embedded Programming: Mixing C & Assembly
  • Real-time implementation C6713 or OMAP L138
  • Peripherals(EDMA, McBSP,...)
  • Introduction to AIC23/AIC3106 codec
  • Interrupts
  • Real-Time Projects using DSP Starter Kit


  • Project based on C programming
  • General MATLAB/ SIMULINK projects such as Design of calculator using GUI, Traffic light control module using Simulink, MP3 player design using GUI
  • DSP application projects using MATLAB such as JPEG Compression algorithm implementation, Finger print Recognition, Skin cancer detection, Image super resolution
  • DSP Hardware projects such as DTMF generation, speaker recognition, Adaptive filtering

Optional Modules

DSP Speech and Audio Processing - 7 days

  • Introduction to Speech processing
  • STFT, Speech Acoustic Models
  • Basics of Audio Processing
  • Audio Processing Techniques

DSP Image Processing - 12 days

  • Fundamentals of Image
  • Color Models in Image and Video
  • Image Enhancement Techniques
  • Image Morphology Techniques
  • Introduction to Compression
  • Compression std JPEG, GIF, TIFF,JPEG2000
  • JPEG compression standard

DSP Video Processing - 3 days

  • Introduction to Video Coding
  • Motion Compensation based video compression
  • Motion Estimation, Motion Vectors
  • Video Standards MPEG, H263 and H.264


  • Design process involves the design & validation of DSP Algorithms, porting the selected Algorithms, coding them in Embedded C and then debugging, optimizing, testing & integration of validated algorithms in an OS rich environment on the target platform.