Diploma in Business Analytics

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Eligibility: Diploma/BBA/B.Com.



Certificate in Business Analytics


Take Online Business Analytics Course from Cranes Varsity.

The Diploma in Business Analytics is a 5.5-month program that provides in-depth Business Analytics knowledge and expertise.

Cranes Varsity provides Business Analytics Course to Working Professionals.

In today’s economy, business analytics is a valuable instrument. Organizations generate huge amounts of data across industries, increasing the demand for data-literate employees who can read and analyze that data.

Multi-skilled professionals score more!

Cranes Varsity believes that with our unique technology-enabled experiential learning, we can provide high-quality learning and development solutions that directly impact important corporate performance indicators.

Cranes Varsity is happy to catalyze our distinguished clients’ advancement, and we value their credentials and testimonials.

All customer’s demands are identified, and training modules are created to meet their needs. Our training programs have a strong emphasis on creativity and innovation, which are critical for staying ahead of the competition and contributing to the industry’s long-term growth and managing and dealing with change in all aspects of the business.

Our services cover a wide range of topics, all professionally handled by a team of Learning and Development experts. All our training is Instructor-led Virtual /Classroom training with individual attention.

Cranes Varsity provides Working Professionals with a disciplined framework for learning and improving technical skills. They are well-planned and delivered using examples to make the lectures more fun and clear. We want to help working professionals build a broader set of skill development through rigorous upskill and reskill models.

Online Business Analytics Course with Placement

Cranes Varsity offers online and offline business analytics courses to help students build a solid career in the core domain connected with their objectives. We want to use digital tools to improve teaching and learning processes, whether for skill development or student placement.

Professionals can improve their expertise by taking a Certificate Course in business analytics at Cranes Varsity. At the same time, it aids in the development of their leadership abilities. This profile would be appropriate for a new business or a well-established one. Both of them require data analysis to help them build their respective companies.

 What makes it even more tempting is that any professional with any background may become a business analyst and make critical decisions that alter the direction of enterprises.


  • RDBMS using MySQL
  • Python Programming
  • Exploratory Data Analysis using Pandas

Data Analytics Specialization

  • Mathematics and Statistics for Data Science
  • Machine Learning using sklearn
  • Formulating Business Analytics Problems
  • Data Analysis and Visualization using Tableau / Power BI
  • Data Analysis and Visualization using MS Excel


  • Apply statistical methods to make decisions in various business problems, including bank, stock markets, etc.
  • Apply regression
  • Apply classification
  • Use clustering to cluster banking customers


  • Anaconda Distribution Jupyter, Spyder, MySQL
  • Tableau, Excel

Business Analytics Course Modules


  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Functions
  • Scope of Variables
  • List and Tuple
  • Map and filter functions
  • Set and Dictionary
  • Python Data types and Conditions
  • Default arguments
  • Global specifier
  • List Methods
  • String
  • Exception Handling
  • Control Statements
  • Functions with variable number of  args
  • Working with multiple files
  • List Comprehension
  • List comprehension with conditionals
  • File Handling

  • NumPy
  • Slicing of Matrices
  • NumPy Functions across axis
  • Pandas Series
  • Pandas Data frame
  • Working with Categorical Data
  • Sorting Data Frames
  • Creating graphs using Matplotlib
  • Scatter Plot, Line Graph
  • Seaborn
  • Vectorization
  • Filtering
  • Stacking of arrays
  • Data Cleaning
  • Selection Data (loc, iloc)
  • Grouping & Aggregation
  • Importing csv files
  • Customizing Plots
  • Bar Graph, Histogram
  • Matplotlib
  • Broadcasting
  • Array Creation Functions
  • Matrix Calculation
  • Handling Missing Data
  • Filtering Data Frames
  • Merging Data Frame(concat, merge)
  • Importing Excel Files
  • Saving Plots
  • Subplots

Data Analytics Specialization

  • Understand what is Machine Learning
  • Supervised machine learning
  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Handling missing data
  • Onehot Encoding
  • Label encoding
  • Ordinal, frequency encoding
  • Standardization and normalization
  • Train test split the data
  • K fold cross validation
  • Regression
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple linear regression
  • Performance measure for regression
  • MSE, R-Squared, MAE, SSE
  • Feature selection  for Regression
  • ML Workflow for project implementation
  • Classification
  • Various types of classification
  • Binomial and Bayes theorem
  • Logistic regression
  • Naïve Bayed Classification
  • Decision tress and its types
  • K Nearest Neighbour Classification
  • Performance Measure for Classification
  • Accuracy, Recall, Precision, Fmeasure
  • Clustering and types
  • Kmeans Clustering
  • Evaluate clustering results, Elbow Plot
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Project implementation

  • Formulate BA problems
  • Marketing and Customer analytics
  • Financial and risk analytics
  • Preparing business presentations with BI tools
  • Analytics in Classic Business Problems
  • Business Problems with Yes/No Decisions
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Analytics in Emergent Business Problems
  • Churn in business, customer churn analysis
  • Business matrices (BCG, Ansoff)

  • Tableau Introduction
  • Working with sets
  • Connect Tableau with Different Data Sources
  • Cards in Tableau
  • Tableau Calculations using Functions
  • Traditional Visualization vs Tableau
  • Creating Groups
  • Visual Analytics
  • Charts, Dash-board
  • Building Predictive Models
  • Tableau Architecture
  • Data types in Tableau
  • Parameter Filters
  • Joins and Data Blending
  • Dynamic Dashboards and Stories

  • Introduction to excel
  • Intro to Analyzing Data Using Spreadsheets
  • Charting techniques in Excel
  • Viewing, Entering, and Editing Data
  • Converting Data with Value and Text
  • Interactive dashboard creation
  • Introduction to Data Quality
  • Apply logical operations to data using IF
  • Data analytics project using Excel

Placement Statistics

Business Analytics Course FAQs

There are no specific requirements for a Business Analytics Course, you have to be a graduate with good analytical thinking.

As Business Analysts are required in every industry you can expect jobs from most of the top companies and others as well, as prominent recruiters like EY, Genpact, HCL, Capgemini, Deloitte, Target, etc.

You will get a recorded session and also you can directly interact with the trainer and clarify your doubts

Students from science, commerce, and engineering backgrounds can join, and also working professionals from any domain can join.



Duration: 5.5 months
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