Recent Training Delivered

A Testimony is a Testament

Knowing and meeting the various training needs of our corporate clients has been a tremendous learning experience over the years. We’ve always noticed a wonderful enthusiasm among engineers who are willing to learn on the job, which distinguishes and propels them to success.

Here is a glimpse of our recent Corporate Training delivered

  • Company: Collins Aerospace

Training Delivered: C, C++, Python Training multiple batches delivered to Collins Aerospace for their senior engineers with highly customized course content for 3 – 5 days was highly appreciated.

  • Company: Ford India

Training Delivered: A specially designed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course for Ford Chennai Team was well received with fabulous training feedback.

  • Company: Avin Systems

Training Delivered: Customized training on C ++ for lateral engineers of Avin Systems was for a week-long delivery online. Participants found this program so interesting and were well connected throughout the course

  • Company: Nexteer

Training Delivered: The Python program of a week-long was an advanced training delivered online to meet project-specific requirements and it was a great success.

  • Company: Infinera India Pvt Ltd

Training Delivered: A very unique customized DFMEA training was delivered to the Infinera India team. Totally new experience with so much learning for participants with great appreciation.

  • Company: BEL Academy of Excellence

Training Delivered: C, C++, Linux, VLSI, Matlab, we have been the training partner with BAE and have delivered multiple programs throughout the year and have met L&D expectations. 

  • Company: ITR

Training Delivered: One of the prestigious labs of DRDO is ITR and we were happy to connect and deliver a very special customized program through Blended learning on MATLAB, C & Softskills.

  • Company: Honeywell Technology

Training Delivered: FREE RTOS Training delivered to Honeywell Elster Metering for their senior engineers with highly customized course content for 3 days was highly appreciated.

  • Company: Tafe

Training Delivered: The newly hired engineers at TAFE Chennai were trained on MISRA Embedded C Standards and Special Hardware Development programs. Our senior Industry consultants had a great time with the enthusiastic newbie’s and the programs were a great value addition to the participants.

  • Company: DRDO

Training Delivered: Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory ( NPOL) preferred exclusive training on C++ 11 standards for a mixed group of engineers who were fully benefitted by training and looking ahead to implement in an upcoming project. 

  • Company: Sandvine

Training Delivered: Induction batch training for about 15 engineers at Sandvine Bangalore on Advanced C++ was well appreciated by new joiners ahead of their upcoming assignments in their organization.

  • Company: Infinera India Pvt Ltd

Training Delivered: Customized 2 days Workshop on Agile for a lateral team of Infinera was well appreciated.

  • Company: Autoliv

Training Delivered: Project Specific training on Python received great feedback from Autoliv team engineers. 

  • Company: Mymo Wireless

Training Delivered: Successfully completed monthly Technical Induction Program for newly hired engineers of Mymo Wireless on C, DSP, Linux & RTOS.

  • Company: Medtronic India

Training Delivered: Advance C++ Training delivered to a lateral team of Medtronic Bangalore

  • Company: Honeywell Technology

Training Delivered: Training on RTOS for Embedded Systems with VxWorks for a small team of senior engineers was well appreciated.

  • Company: Honeywell Technology

Training Delivered: Customized GPOS, LINUX & LDD training for Honeywell team delivered successfully.

  • Company: CDOT

Training Delivered: It was a special experience to train a small team of experienced CDOT engineers on Embedded Linux.

  • Company: CDOT

Training Delivered: This training on DSP Concepts delivered to the CDOT team acclaimed high appreciation.

  • Company: Bharat Electronics 

                   Caliber Interconnect

                   Goodrich Aerospace

Training Delivered: An Open House Training on C & Data structure where we had enthusiastic participants from listed companies. 

  • Company: Defense Institute of Advanced Technology

Training Delivered: Started our association with this esteemed organization through our training for DRDO engineers on Fundamentals of Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow.

  • Company: Infinera India Pvt Ltd

Training Delivered: Pleasure of training onboarded employees of Infinera on Shell Scripting, C ++ & Java.

  • Company: Bharat Electronics Limited

Training Delivered: Team of experienced engineers enjoyed our RTOS for Embedded Systems Training to the core.

  • Company: MPortal Wireless India Limited

Training Delivered: Coding Standards

  • Company: Siemens Technology & Services

Training Delivered: Customized DSP with Matlab Training for a lateral team.

  • Company: Harman International

Training Delivered: Specially designed Linux Kernel Internal training for 4 days delivered at Cranes Varsity. 

  • Company: Centre for Development of Telematics ( CDOT)

Training Delivered: Private training on Embedded Linux Porting on ARM training for CDOT engineers.

  • Company: Infosys Limited

Training Delivered: Highly customized Android Internals training for Embedded Software team at Infosys.

  • Company: Bharat Electronics ( BEL)

Training Delivered: Embedded Linux Kernel Internals training delivered for newly hired engineers of BEL.

  • Company: Medtronic India

Training Delivered: Customized USB Host training delivered to Medtronic Successfully.

  • Company: Harman International

Training Delivered: Linux System Programming Training delivered for a team of 15 engineers.

  • Company: NPOL

Training Delivered: A Special DSP Training for CS background participants lasted for 4 days with great admiration.

  • Company: CDOT

Training Delivered: Android Based Application Development, a very new program was delivered to a small team of CDOT.

  • Company: CDOT

Training Delivered: ARM Architecture & DSP Concepts Training with major Hands-On won high appreciation from CDOT Team.

  • Company: Alpha Design Technologies

Training Delivered: It was a customized DSP training program focusing more on the project-related solutions.

  • Company: Honeywell

Training Delivered: Very high-end Linux Kernel DD training for a lateral team for 3 days.

  • Company: NPOL

Training Delivered: We delivered 2 batches of customized Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) training at NPOL for the Signal processing team.

  • Company: Akamai Technologies

Training Delivered: An advanced C++ 11 training was delivered to the lateral team of Akamai for 3 days.

  • Company: GE Healthcare

Training Delivered: Personalised training for GE colleagues on Embedded Linux using beagle board.

  • Company: Free scale Semiconductor

Training Delivered: Highly customized training delivered @ Noida centre of Freescale. A complete introduction to ARM Architecture & Programming

  • Company: Bharat Electronics

Training Delivered: Exclusive program for BEL for an of 24 engineers. It was a tool based program on Matlab & Simulink

  • Company: Honeywell

Training Delivered: Training on concepts of VxWorks Workbench Fundamentals.

  • Company: BaeHAL

Training Delivered: Highly appreciated training on Vxworks fundamentals.

  • Company: Siemens

Training Delivered: VxWorks Workbench Training – much needed for Siemens engineers.

  • Company: Centre for Airborne Systems ( CABS)

Training Delivered: Esteemed Defense organisation was part of our tool based Training on Matlab & Simulink.

  • Company: TataPower

Training Delivered:  SED Enjoyed the wonderful Matlab & Simulink training session @ Cranes.

  • Company: TAFE

Training Delivered: Onsite training on Embedded C & high credentials received from TAFE for this training is our pride.

  • Company: TAFE

Training Delivered: A Very unique training program on Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC) for a dedicated group ONSITE. Experience for both trainer and participant was amazing.

  • Company: Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab

Training Delivered: Specially facilitated Linux requirements of engineers through our Embedded Linux and Linux Device Drivers training.

  • Company: Tech Mahindra Limited

Training Delivered: Highly customised training for a group of engineers deputed for a special project on VxWorks Workbench.

  • Company: Aeronautical Development Establishment

Training Delivered: ADE took the initiative to bring 5 major defence clusters LRDE, CABS, GTRE, ADE, CAIR for special training on Matlab & Simulink. Training conducted @ TTC ( Targeted Training Centre).

  • Company: Analog Devices India Pvt Ltd

Training Delivered: Highly customised training to a small team of AD on Embedded Linux basics and Linux Device Drivers.

  • Company: Gilbarco Veeder Root India Private Limited

Training Delivered: 5 days onsite customised training for a highly experienced team of Gilbarco on Embedded C++.

  • Company: Research Centre Imarat

Training Delivered: A unique training program on VLSI Verification for this esteemed defence unit was conducted ONSITE.

  • Company: Centre for Development of Telematics (CDOT)

Training Delivered: This training program for 3 days on Embedded Linux won a high accolade from India’s Technology leader CDOT.

  • Company: UTC Aerospace

Training Delivered: UTC team attended a splendid session on Advance Embedded C & Data Structure.

  • Company: SONY Software

Training Delivered: This was an awesome customised training on DSP Concepts using Matlab & Simulink with rare reviews from the audience.

  • Company: UTC Aerospace


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